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The crucial work of our clients comes with countless challenges. No matter how much learners and the landscape change, data is at the center of our strategy to ensure we get the best results for our clients. Two Ocean Education Partners uses data, targeted messaging, and learner-centric insights to build relationships that help organizations, learners, and families navigate monumental decisions in the learning journey.

  • Learner priorities and the education landscape are always shifting; we use data to get the best results for our partners.

  • The ways organizations interact with learners must be relevant and frictionless; we focus on messaging targeted to each learner audience to empower our solutions.

  • Making decisions about education is personal and can even be intimidating for learners; our messaging and user experiences are informed by analytics and insights to meet both the practical and emotional needs of learners.

This combination enables us to build deeper relationships between educators and their learners—connections that increase engagement and create better outcomes for everyone.

Our expertise across the fields of education, marketing, data analytics, and digital communications inform all our solutions. We constantly measure and refine our work to uncover new opportunities and improve our tactics. In all that we do, we focus on aligning the needs of the learner with the goals of organizations—and achieving your goals.

How We Help

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Engagement Campaigns

Targeted audiences: Segmented messages make for more relevant communications with different audiences—teachers, learners, parents, and more.

Messages that matter: Creating value for the recipient with each communication builds trust, and makes them more likely to engage with each subsequent message.

Delivered where they are: Multi-channel campaigns help us reach audiences in the most appropriate format.

Your voice, your brand: All our content is infused with your organization’s individual strengths—we’ll always highlight the things that make you unique.

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Digital Platforms

Experience management: Customized online portals can manage complex processes like applying and registering. Portals provide forms, password-protected logins, and track user progress—all built to complement your existing sites and systems.

Triggered communications: At identified pain points on the user journey, our platform triggers automatic prompts for more action, information, or simple encouragement.

Early intervention: Identify learners at risk of not completing the actions you want—and step in to make sure they do.

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Data Insights

Visibility and flexibility: We use cross-channel analytics to quickly evaluate ROI and empower you to stay agile in the face of changing market preferences or organizational needs.

Big data, big solutions: Machine learning, ongoing testing, and AI insights help find the best approaches for your organization.

New opportunities: On-going insights can help predict what’s coming next, and identify future opportunities for your organization.

Drawing on a Board


Organizational assessment: We’ll place your organization in context within the broader market, and analyze the current state of your performance.

Strategic plans: We’ll identify the greatest opportunities you have for growth, and uncover the hidden pain points in your way.

Strategic roadmap: We’ll lay out everything you need to put your plans into concrete action.