Recruitment Marketing for the Modern Landscape

Meeting enrollment goals is harder than ever. New NACAC guidelines, increasing college costs, the changing behaviors of Gen Z, and the rise of new technology have all combined to limit institutions’ abilities to predict incoming classes. That’s why it’s critical for enrollment managers to foster meaningful relationships with prospective students and nurture those connections throughout the college journey—from search to application to admit to enroll.


Two Ocean Education Partners helps enrollment leaders implement innovative new solutions to improve recruitment marketing. We unite the best practices from our experience in higher education and Fortune 500 marketing to:

  • Select and segment the right data needed to optimize outcomes

  • Build direct mail and email campaigns that capture attention and drive action

  • Broaden traditional efforts with multi-channel marketing strategies

  • Implement agile testing strategies that continually refine your marketing efforts

  • Boost applications from inquiries, purchased names and search non-responders

  • Nurture responsive, two-way conversations with students that extend from search to enrollment

  • Break down the departmental silos that creep into your deposited student communications and deepen relationships throughout the onboarding process

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